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Dr. Siraphop Ratanasuban (Dr. Chai)

Dr. Siraphop Ratanasuban (Chai or Surachai)

Contact Number: (662) 618-5314-6

Mobile: (6684)655-5588

E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]



•           2007- Now Doctorate Degree in Muaythai Study  Rajabhat Muban Chom Bung University, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand.

•           2000-2002 Master in Marketing Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

•           1994-1998 Bachelor of Science Arizona State University, Arizona, USA. Major in Finance

•           1990-1994 High School Diplomas Merced High School, California, USA.

•           1986-1990 St. Gabriel’s College, Bangkok, Thailand

•           1982-1986 St. Louis Elementary, Chachoengsao, Thailand




•           2008-Present Regional Coordinator- World Martial Arts Union, Chungju, Korea which is under UNESCO

•           1998 – Present Vice President at OneSongchai Co., Ltd., number 1 Boxing and Muaythai Promotion in Thailand

•           All International related affairs traveling over 30 countries traveling average of 12 times a year.

•           Organizes Muaythai promotions at least 6 times a month, Organized World Boxing promotion at least once a month live televise in Thailand and tape through the world.

•           Organizes the biggest Muaythai Promotion in Thailand with over 100,000 audiences every December 5 to celebrate for King’s Birthday.

•           Organizes the second biggest Muaythai Promotion in Thailand with over 100,000 audiences every August 12 to celebrate for Queen’s Birthday

•           Member of boxing associations such as WBA (World Boxing Association), WBC (World Boxing Council), WBO (World Boxing Association) and all regional Associations and attend many Conventions.

•           International Coordinator of S1 World Championship

•           Member of Royal December 5 Foundation

•           Member of Royal August 12 Foundation

•           1998 Advisor to Sport Committee in House of Representative, Thailand Royal Paliament

•           1997 SCB (Siam Commercial Bank) Internship Program



meditation, Buddhism and donate Blood over 61 times in October 2010.