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Pariyakorn Ratanasuban


Miss Pariyakorn  Ratanasuban (OH)

The No.1 female promoter of Thailand

The only female promoter of Thailand

The most remarkable female promoter in Boxing world.

The female promoter who wake up Female Muaythai and Boxing in Thailand

WBO promoter of the year 2011


Pariyakorn Ratanasuban, the only female promoter of Thailand as the press named her “Little Songchai” because of her character is very much like Grand promoter Songchai.


Promoter Songchai’s vision has transfer and osmosis through her blood intensely.  Dad teaches her for her tolerance and if you expect benefits from boxing, the answer is no because Boxing and Muaythai is career creator.   Oh is happy and proud the most to born to be a daughter of Dad Songchai who is the model of how to work, how to endurance, how to be ambitious, and the most important is  how to be delicate  before things go out to the public.  All things must be suit with OneSongchai Brand since from young to grow up.  We stay with Muaythai and boxing  and want to see our circle grows and get acceptable like other circle.


Mother is a role model as well for being deligent and love children the most.  Both patrons are the benefactors who making Pariyakorn  is Pariyakorn  today.




Name: Pariyakorn Ratanasuban (Oh)

Date of Birth: 27 Febuary 1980

Citizen: Thai

Address: 71/23 Setsiri Rd., Samsennai, Payatai, Bangkok 10400

Contact Number: (662) 618-5314-6

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]


Married to: Mr. Tanakorn Jirapasuksakul

2 children:  Mr. Phol and Miss Prae



(1987-1992)    St. Francis Xavier Convent Elementary, Bangkok

(1993-1995)    St. Francis Xavier Convent Secondary, Bangkok

(1996-1997)    Triam Udomsuksa High School, Bangkok

(1998-2000)    Bachelor of Social Administration, Thamasat  University, Bangkok

(2000-2001)    Master in General Management, Mahidol University  (International Programme)



: Account Executive of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

: Subcommittee of Matial Arts Of Muaythai and Related Promote Consideration



  • Boxing Promotee and Managing Director of SSR Production Co., Ltd.

First matching:  Pongsit Viengviset  The first fight   2 Apr 04 Won Ranee  Ganoy  Chaiyaphumi Province

  • Advisor to Sport Senator Committee under Thai Royal Paliament
  • Board of  Thai Sport World Association of Thailand under royal patronage
  • Board of Thai Value Association
  • Expert for Suan-a-nan School
  • Director of Muaythai against drugs centre under Privy Councilor to the King, General Pichitr Kullavanich project
  • President of Lion Thonburirat Club 2009-2010
  • Attached to Mr.Wutipong Chaisang Advisor to the duputy Prime Minister (H.E.Mr.Yongyoot Wichaidit) Chairman of the Advisory Board to the Minister of Interior


Plan and Vision

Work with attention, put heart into it, full capability, must work in other people consideration all with customers, partners, workers and stick to the righteouness, moral, ethics, and maintain with the public concern.


Projects and Achievements

  • Working women Award of the year 2004 from Puying Magazine
  • Best promoter from WBC 2006
  • Golden Angel Award 2006
  • The Best CEO award from Siam Turakij newspaper
  • Won second place in Overnight Intelligence Show, famous show in Thailand
  • Been Interviewed in  Positioning Magazine , BOSS , LIPS , Puying
  • Got to be in 100  young EXECS from The Nation magazine  publication 2007
  • Honored recognition promoter from WBO 2010.
  • In 2007, she is the one who woke up female Muaythai to come back strong by promoting them every week and push them for Boxing and finally go World champions such as WBC Champion, Vinyu ParadonGym and WBO Champion, Teeraporn Pannimit.
  • 2004, she promoted charity promotion for the handicapped children foundation, Vangtonglang District, Bangkok
  • 2005, she promoted charity promotion to help people who face Tsunami
  • 2007, she promoted charity promotion to help people in 3 Southern province of Thailand
  • 2005, she promoted charity promotion for a child Mr.Pisanu Tienngamsij to feed his family
  • 2005, she promoted charity promotion to raise funds for police dog training grounds.
  • December 2011, promoted charity muaythai promotion to help for flooding.
  • January 2012, promoted charity muaythai promotion to raise fund for Muaythai against drugs campaign.
  • February 2012, promoted charity muaythai promotion to build tsunami monument.



  • Awards give her power to keep walking. I am proud and promise to do good things and create new things to make Muaythai and boxing circle better.


Principles to family

  • Family is the smallest unit, but the most important with love, understanding, and spending time together which is necessary.  I believe children is like plant seed that we must keep put fertilizers, water, and the seeds will grow for strong basis in the future.



  • Travel with family and children and play many sports for exercise.