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“24 Hours Waiting Most of the greatness on June 7”


Golden hand, Diamond Brain legendary Promoter Dr. Songchai Ratanasuban check the integrity of the boxer along the final curve. “In the battle of the public battle day, the victory for the charity,” and Muaythai charity box to raise funds to contribute to the cremation of the temple Samrong Noi, Uthumphon Phisai, Sisaket.  He checks the availability of all boxers. Everybody’s weight is confirmed with the battle to open the battle, the end of the end without notice. Wait for the stage.

“Battle of the grand day, OneSongchai plus SingMarvin”, the promoter, Dr.Hon.Songchai Ratanasuban, together with Sia Lek-Siwat. Leo Ma Win “on Wednesday, June 7 is another show that promotes big big fights are very proud. The Muaythai matches for Muaythai fans. To contribute money to contribute to the cremation  at Wat Narong Noi, Uthumphon Pisces, Sisaket.

Starting from the pair opened the first pair is Kwandome Tor Minburi boxer attacks with Sameunai Angthong boxer at this time.

Followed by a pair of big diamonds, Petchchatchai Chao rai ouy VS. Karn Kor Kampanat, who will be the retreat, then watch the Muaythai match of the year. Another couple never met before. Boiling couple hard to play hard, Kingsanglek Tor Laksong VS. Kumandoi Petjaroenvit at 117 As of this second, you say that who’s up to whom?

Then look at the pursuit of closure, the resentment to be paid back. Tuan Kor Kampanat VS Luknimit Singklongsi as to give favourite weight of up to 126, and Tuan 128.  Luknimit will disappear, or be heavy-hearted pursuit.

Then come to the pair waiting for a long time, Prajanchai  P. K. Sanchai with Morakot Mor Ratanabandit 121 and 122 minutes with the shuttlecock. May be judged by someone more diligent than it is. Still the handicap is for 10-9. Equivalent to 1 million baht during the “beautiful grandeur” Nongrose BanCharoenthong hit with “giant dwarf junior” Siuyai Chor Hapayak 113-111 lbs. This second Muaythai match is a Muaythai couple that has received a lot of attention. I have to prove that the Nongrose is real or empty. Or big name as Siuyai is just a name. And the most different promoters that the fight Muaythai fans want to see most. The most demanding Have seen each other between Puenkol Tor Surat and Onechalong PK Sanchai Muaythai at same weight 116 pounds and the last fight is even good such as Roicherng VS Tong-aeng and etc.  This is great over the great Wednesday, June 7, meet at Ratchadamnoen.


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